Host an Earth Care Cadre Member

Host a emerging leader at your organization: increase your organizational capacity to address community food security, recruit and manage more volunteers, all the while supporting diverse young leaders.

Why Become a Partner Organization?

Everyone benefits! Partner Organizations play a vital role in supporting diverse young leaders, and Cadre members help increase capacity of their host entities to meet critical needs in community food security.

Partner Organizations and Service Sites

  • Provide a well-defined position with significant responsibilities and an opportunity to provide direct service 32 hours each week.
  • Provide direct supervision of the Cadre Member and reporting on achievement of objectives.
  • Provide a positive and challenging learning environment.
  • And other benefits.

Earth Care Cadre Members

  • Help build the capacity of school gardening and sustainability programs in schools.
  • Facilitate youth leadership programs.
  • Improve access to healthy local food for working families in Santa Fe.
  • Increase environmental stewardship practices
  • Increase urban food production.
  • Provide support services to area farmers and food entrepreneurs.
  • Provide food and nutrition education and outreach to youth and community members.
  • Build capacity to assess more closely the community’s food needs and engage vulnerable populations.
  • Lead other critical sustainable community development projects.
  • Serve as an example for community leadership.

NOTE:  This is NOT a job placement program.

The contribution for Partner Orgs varies based on the type of organization. For the 2015-2016 program year, partner organizations are required to provide a cash match for each service member at their site. The contribution helps pay for your Cadre member’s living allowance, health insurance and taxes, as well as the training and support they receive from Earth Care. It is not only an investment in supporting the vision of your organization and the local food system but the advancement of young leadership and positive change. Thank you for all you do!!

How to apply

1.      If your organization would like to help us support youth civic engagement while expanding and enhancing your capacity to address community food security, please download the application and return it to Earth Care.

Partner Organization Application (Word)

Partner Organization Application (PDF)

2.      Partner Organization applicants will be interviewed or visited by Earth Care staff to assess the position, work environment and objectives.

3.      If selected, partner organizations will conduct initial interviews of Cadre applicants and forward their top candidate to Earth Care.  Earth Care will then conduct a second interview to ascertain eligibility, AmeriCorps and placement compatibility, etc.

For more information about the Earth Care Cadre, please email:

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